Thank you for booking!


first i would like to shared some tips and outfit ideas with you :)

Depending on your family style you can go more traditional with silvers, dark reds, golds or creamy colors and they all will go perfect with all 3 sets we have. 

We will be offering three different setups , If you booked the 2nd or 3rd package feel free to change your outfits. You will be given a few minutes to yourself to change between setups. 

You can choose to use something more casual more relaxing like nude colors, earthy tones not matter which direction you go, here are some tips to remember when looking for outfits for you and your family. 

I recommend one person per family wear plaid and the rest wear solid colors. Too many patterns together will clash and take away from highlighting your faces and expressions. If you are having multiple people wear plaid make sure they are the same plaid and not a different color or pattern

Wear similar colors whether they are warm tones or cool tones but don’t mixed them. 

We will have a special set up for you and your family, here you will be able to use your Fav. holiday Pijamas, but no only that if you wish you can bring your kids favorite stuffed animal toy, (if couples) you can bring your fav. Coffee mugs or anything that your may want to add on this particular set up only :) remember to make it special🤍

Here are some tips of how color can be mixed but they are not limited to what you can do ;) 

Last but not least,

Come tidy and ready when you arrive to our studio, there will be Christmas music playing and we will have refreshments for you if you like, toys for your kids to play and of course candy to make the smile , everything will be set ups and ready to start :) this is why we recommend you come ready, well-groomed, hair done, makeup done (if you wear any). This way you won’t be rushed and can enjoy your time.  

Side note: bring your kids favorite toy if necessary. 


What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session? 

We understand if something comes up and you can not make it, more when it comes to babies they are so unpredictable. 

I please suggest to let us know within 24 hrs if your will not be able to make it , deposit is a non-refundable but we are welcome to reschedule if there is any dates available.